Toshiba IoT

Connect. Visualize. Transform!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a world of new possibilities for today's industrial operations, with big data driving the decision-making process, spawning new efficiencies and creating unparalleled business value.

But making this digital transformation is far from easy. It requires harnessing enterprise-wide data and building a digital-centric infrastructure.

Turn to Toshiba

A recognized global technology leader, Toshiba is at the forefront of the IoT revolution, and can help you make that transformation.

We helped pioneer information and communication technology (ICT) and bring decades of real-world experience in energy, social infrastructure, semiconductors, transportation, electronics and manufacturing. Having developed deep expertise from the edge to the cloud, Toshiba provides a global IoT perspective to help companies move into a new era of possibilities and profitability.

Introducing Toshiba IoT SPINEX
Your path to eXceptional business value

Toshiba IoT SPINEX is an IoT framework that integrates a wide range of technologies that connect your equipment, infrastructures and facilities to maximize the utilization of essential data and analytics by connecting information, business processes and AI. SPINEX can accelerate your digital transformation and deliver new insights, unlocking tremendous business value.

In industry and beyond, Toshiba SPINEX has the power to make the world a better place. It can also make yours a more efficient, profitable and promosing operation.

Three essential features, one powerful IoT solution

The backbone of our IoT suite of solutions, Toshiba IoT SPINEX streamlines workflows, improves productivity, speeds decision-making and unlocks hidden intelligence inside your operation by leveraging these three essential features:

SPINEX DigitalTwin
SPINEX Intelligence

SPINEX IoT in the field

Toshiba Iot SPINEX is a game-changing innovation. But it's far more than a concept. It has proven itself effective at delivering strong business value with real-world successes.

Accelerate sales of replacement parts and equipment
Create new revenue streams for products and services
Optimize Maintanance Services
Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

A world-class technology leader and global manufacturing powerhouse, Toshiba Offers:

  • Experience in energy, social infrastructure, electronic devices and manufacturing
  • Deep edge experience with digital twins, data visualization and data analysis
  • Remove monitoring and maintenance expertise
  • The partnerships, flexibility and field-tested insights for highly effective co-creation
  • A deep knowledge of big data to solve real-world challenges
  • A full range of Toshiba-developed IoT components such as applications and analytics
  • Strong, longstanding global alliances

Build smarter, go farther

Make Toshiba SPINEX the backbone of your operation

The world is experiencing a new industrial revolution where unprecedented levels of quality, efficiency and originality are possible through IoT, and cyber-physical systems and the real world work seamlessly together.

Join the revolution and reap the benefits. Partner with Toshiba, and IoT innovator and global manufacturing authority.